We were moo-ved by the Spirit!


It seems that Monday was our day to be moo-ved by the Holy Spirit! The teenage girls group at our church, Acteens, is getting ready to go to a national conference to discuss missions, Christian life, loving Jesus… They have worked so hard since the fall to raise the money required to attend. Now they are fundraising for their mission project: Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is special at our house because both of our daughters gave their ‘never been cut’ hair to Locks of Love last fall on the anniversary of the death of their Mimi. The wigs and the ability to ‘slap hair on’ was something that gave our oldest the giggles and special moments with her Mimi during their last visits together, so Locks of Love was indeed an appropriate mission.

Back to the Acteens, there is this cow named Betsy that they are ‘moo-ving around Marshall’ with a note that says she was ‘moo-ved by the Holy Spirit to visit you!’ You have to pay to get Betsy removed from your yard, you pay double to insure she isn’t coming back, and I – being the supporter that I am – paid even more to make sure she stayed where we sent her at least through rush hour the next day. See Betsy has been known to hop 4 yards in one day…She’s quite the cash-cow! Laura (our sitter on the left) is getting excited for the trip!

So how fun that I would get this INCREDIBLE RAK from SoCal Sweetie, Amanda Sewell (who lives in Phoenix <wink>) on the SAME day!


Amanda is just a doll! She and I sat next to each other at SoCal Stamp Mania in April, and had the best-est time! She is an awesome stamper and so incredibly SWEET! I was disappointed when she couldn’t stay the night on Saturday to visit more. She drove to SoCal from Phoenix (there and back) all in one day! I’m glad she made the effort, and next year, I hope she can stay a little longer! I am thinking this is a Penny Black, and it is fabulously shiny on Vanilla Shimmery Cardstock, flocked chickens, Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl paper….OH MY!! Check her out at: Inkspirations!

4 responses to “We were moo-ved by the Spirit!

  1. That is one cute card, and perfect timing! Love your story…thanks for sharing!

  2. This is too cute! Amanda is such a sweetie! 😉

  3. YAY! You got it and you photographed it so beautifully!!! Thanks for posting it Lori!!!

  4. Ohhhh, what a moooooooovelous RAK from Amanda!!


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