Right on Time!


I love it when a plan comes together, even if it’s Plan B. I was disappointed when a girlfriend wasn’t able to make a visit in from Atlanta this morning (flight problems). So, I went to Plan B….

Like any good mom, I arranged play dates for both my girls from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. and waited for Brown. Here he is coming up my sidewalk, right on time, at 2:46 p.m.  I told him that all over the United States there were lots of smiling women waiting UPS today! I’m off to play!

8 responses to “Right on Time!

  1. How cow! You lucky girl….my box gets here tomorrow!

  2. You lucky dog! How I envy you your UPS guy with his BIG package! Mine is still nowhere to be seen!

  3. *wolf whistles* for mike, mark, john, jimmy, whatever sweet Mr. Brown’s real name is. . . and what he’s deliverin’!

  4. Did you REALLY take his picture??! Hee Hee!! SU has made those men very popular! By the way, you’ve been tagged. Visit my blog for details.

  5. Oh my gosh…you caught him in action! Lucky, lucky, you! Can’t wait to see what you do with your goodies!

  6. mkayteem on scs

    I just love that you took a picture of him. That is hysterical! Love your blog too and all of your creations!

  7. You’re such a good Mom! 😉 Afterall, a happy Mom IS a good Mom, right?!!

  8. Sandra Aguirre

    HOW COW! My SU friend also got her goodies today!

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