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2017 Class Schedule Available!


We are very excited about a new lineup of workshop classes for 2017 – Landscapes, Hand Lettering and ANIMALS! And, we will still be teaching our very popular Coloring Flowers and Certification classes! Read an overview of each of our fun, informative classes HERE.

Upcoming Copic Standard and Intermediate Certification Classes, as well as all of our workshops: Coloring Flowers Workshops, Coloring Animals, Landscapes and Hand Lettering in the next few weeks include:

Pittsburg, PA  — with Debbie Olson

Standard Certification: April 28, 2017
Coloring Flowers:  April 28, 2017
Intermediate Certification:  April 29, 2017

Anaheim, CA  — with Lori Craig

Coloring Animals: May 5, 2017
Landscapes:  May 5, 2017
Hand Lettering:  May 6, 2017

Toronto, Canada  —with Cindy Lawrence

Coloring Animals: May 5, 2017
Landscapes:  May 5, 2017
Hand Lettering:  May 6, 2017

Philadelphia, PA  — with Cindy Lawrence

Coloring Animals: May 19, 2017
Landscapes:  May 19, 2017
Hand Lettering:  May 20, 2017

San Francisco  — with Michelle Houghton

Standard Certification: May 19, 2017
Coloring Flowers:  May 19, 2017
Intermediate Certification:  May 20, 2017

Detroit, MI  — with Debbie Olson

Coloring Animals: May 19, 2017
Landscapes:  May 19, 2017
Hand Lettering:  May 20, 2017

Irving, TX  — with Debbie Olson

Coloring Animals: June 9, 2017
Landscapes:  June 9, 2017
Hand Lettering:  June 10, 2017

 A FULL 2017 Copic class schedule can be found HERE

16 responses to “Copic Marker Classes

  1. Hi! I read on Marianne Walker’s website that you would be teaching a standard certification course on March 1st in Indianapolis, IN. (It said opening soon!) Is this still happening? I would love to sign up!

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  6. Coming to Canada any time soon?

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  11. Hi Lori- I recently signed up for the copic classes- standard and intermediate in Mid March. Can you tell me will I receive any confirmation or follow up prior to classes?

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  13. Are there any plans to have any beginner and intermediate courses in the Houston or Dallas area in 2016? I don’t see anything for any of the major cities nearby (within driving distance) me in Houston. I’m looking for Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans.

    • I second this request! Karen, where are you located? I’m in Houston. (Email me at!)

      • Karen and Kori – (Karen, I just saw your original comment!)

        We were in Dallas with the Standard, Intermediate and Flowers class the first weekend in February. Our plans are to be back in Dallas at the end of August for Coloring Workshops – Faces and Hair, Value and Monotones and Clothing and Accessories! :) Hope to see you soon!

        Thank you!

  14. Rhonda Murray In-State

    Do you still have room in your classes in Phoenix on Jan 18th. I will be there during that time and am interested. Thank you for the information and your time

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